We Welcome Jacob Howard to Our Blogging Team

At Reach America, we are expanding our blogging ministry to include teens whom God is using to impact the world through the internet.

I am excited to introduce to you our first student, Jacob Howard. Jacob will be joining me in posting on this blog as Reach America’s Teen Blog Editor. We believe Jacob will be the first of many youth who will be joining us in this effort.

Let me share with you a little about Jacob.

Jacob is a high school senior who attends the Idaho Virtual Academy, an online charter school. I am excited to have him as a student in our leadership program at Reach America. Jacob is a leader of his generation. He believes God can use him and other passionate Christian youth to bring America back to Christ.

Jacob has committed to begin an internship at Reach America following his graduation in May.

Jacob enjoys writing, reading, web designing, talking with friends and studying up on creation – specifically dinosaurs. He has been awarded Journalist of the Year (2011 and 2012) and the Albert Einstein award from his school. As well, he has written for Creation magazine.

He plans to attend the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to get a Master’s degree in paleontology so he can spread the truth about dinosaurs and other creatures. His passion for creation and salvation have lead him to run two ministries, Already Answered (www.alreadyanswered.org/), a creation evidence/Christian living ministry, and the United State’s Latter-Day Saints (http://www.uslds.org/), a website examining the contradictions between Mormonism and Christianity.

Welcome aboard, Jacob!

If you know of other teens who would be interested in joining our blogging team, email me, Pastor Gary Brown, at gary@letsreachamerica.org.

Let’s Go!

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