“Pastor Gary, I do not see the reason for your optimism. Please Explain.”

Jose:  Pastor Gary, I do not see the reason for your optimism. Please explain, I could use some cheering up. (A beleaguered Christian in Socialistic UnGodly New York City).

Yesterday, I received the post above on Facebook. Jose was simply expressing what I believe all of us have felt or perhaps feeling, now.  He wanted to know why I am so optimistic about the future of America. The answer is simple — I believe that, in America, the people still are in control and I believe in the Christian youth of America.

My heart, spilled out before you…

Since this is a heart-spilling kind of post — I must begin by confessing to you that, at times, like Jose — I have been discouraged and I have wanted to give up.

After 37 years of working with teens, I have discovered that Christian teens have not given up on America. If you haven’t seen the video, The Thaw, by the Reach America teens, you are missing a blessing. When I see the fire in their eyes, it sets me on fire. You can see the video on the home page of this website. http://letsreachamerica.org/

Jose’s post gave me some insight. Christian adults have given up on America. This may explain why Christian adults are so unwilling to discuss strategies for reclaiming America. Do you agree?

Everyone wants to talk about how bad things are in America, but few want to do anything about it. All I hear from Christian adults is doom and gloom about how America is, well, doomed.

Like Jose, I think a lot of people are discouraged. When people hear or read about how excited I am about our future, they write me off. Am I right? I really want to hear from you on this.

I believe it is time we, Christian adults, had a public, national discussion on the future of America.

All of us have children and grandchildren. Some of us even have great-grandchildren. What does it say to them, when they hear that we are so quick to give up on the country where they will have to raise their children?

And for this discussion, please don’t say that you believe Jesus will come back before then. That very well may happen, but what if it doesn’t?

What do you think?

~Pastor Gary

3 thoughts on ““Pastor Gary, I do not see the reason for your optimism. Please Explain.”

  1. I welcome any and all tasteful comments for this discussion. Glad you have chosen to join in!

    ~Pastor Gary

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’d been feeling discouraged until getting into the creation movement a few years ago. Not only are the scientists excited, bunches of young people are making their voices heard for God’s truth online.
    The only one who benefits when we get discouraged is the Enemy.
    Joshua 2:11

  3. Hi Cheri,

    Thanks for your encouragement. I believe many adults are discouraged and have flat given up. If we shine the light of truth, darkness must flee! One of the areas where light is shining is in the creation movement. We hope to expand the light by encouraging people to believe in God again in America. We are looking to network with other Christian movements, creating a holy synergy that will result in our country returning to the Lord!

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