Becoming Gold Star Leaders Schedule, April 25-26, 2014


1:00        Welcome and Conference Introduction

1:15        Presentation: The American cultural landscape and the postmodern mind

(The Culture, The approach of the typical church, How we came to embrace our current position and strategy)

2:15        TAG Time: Becoming a Gold Star Leader, Pages 1-17

2:30        Small Group Discussion

3:15        Large Group Wrap Up/Panel (Gary, Mindy, Student)

4:30        Student Presentation: The Thaw

5:00        Dinner on location

6:00        Presentation: The Power of a Changed Life

(Jesus’ Leadership Model, The Apostle Paul’s Leadership Model, C-4 Communities)

7:00        TAG Time: Becoming A Gold Star Leader, Pages 18-29

Write a Leadership Prayer

7:15        Small Group Discussion

8:00        Large Group Wrap Up/Panel

8:45        Dismiss


8:30        Presentation: Facilitating Life change and leadership through creating a C-4™ Community, L.E.A.D.S.

9:30        TAG Time: Becoming a Gold Star Leader, Pages 30-34

9:45        Small Group Discussion

10:30     Large Group Wrap Up/Panel

11:15     Student Presentations

(World View Pillars, Blogging, Videos, Skit)

12:00     Lunch on location

1:00        Presentation Counting the Cost, Making a Difference

  • Growth Elevator
  • Counting the Cost
  • Discipleship is messy
  • Impacting Your community and a Nation
  • The importance of your personal leadership and establishing the Vision/DNA of the ministry.
  • As the leader, you are the Keeper of the Vision.

2:00        TAG Time: Becoming a Gold Star Leader, Pages 92-103

2:15        Small Group Discussion

3:00        Large Group Wrap Up/Panel

3:30        Curriculum Overview and Implementation

  • What do I do when I get home?
  • Conduct a starter group
  • How to implement Becoming A Gold Star Leader, Page 105
  • Determine what a C-4 Community looks like where you live
  • Develop a leadership training process
  • Evaluation of Weekend

4:30        Dismiss

For Coeur d’Alene:

4:30        Dismiss for Banquet at Candlelight Christian Fellowship

5:00-8:00              Banquet at Candlelight Christian Fellowship

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