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A writer and Christian, I thank God for letting me see the Salvation offered by His Son and I am eternally grateful for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

If You Want To Change the World . . .

Doing my Government and Politics class yesterday, I ran across the following:

If you want to change the world around you, state and local governments are the place to start.

I don’t agree. I think my Government class is skipping a whole lot of more important places. I believe they are skipping to the branches of the trees and ignoring the roots.

I believe that the world around us begins and ends with people. I’m not talking groups of people but individuals. If you want to change the world around you, individual people are the place to start! And individuals start with oneself. So, if you want to change the world around you, start on yourself.

What do you think? Do we start at individuals? Or, do we start at government? I’d love to hear what you have to say, below.

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The Wrong View of God

Samwise Gamgee is just about the best Hobbit that ever did live. He has always been our family’s favorite person on the Lord of the Ring series (I speak only from the Peter Jackson movies). Frodo, on the other hand, is not our favorite Hobbit.

All Frodo ever did to Sam is under-appreciate him and betray him. Then,to make our dislike for Frodo deeper, when everyone is sad about Frodo’s “death”, nobody even thinks about Sam. Poor Sam who endured so much but never got anything back.

One of the saddest parts in the Lord of the Ring series is when Frodo splits up with Sam, after thinking Sam has lied to him, eaten up the rest of their food and wishes to take the Ring from him. But, the whole time, we know Sam is innocent.

Soon after this, Frodo is led, by Gollum, into Shelob’s lair. Shortly after, Frodo is left by Gollum and chased by Shelob, a gigantic spider. He escapes (whether that is good or bad, I still haven’t decided) and one of the first things he says is, “oh Sam!”

Just like a person, eh? When they get in trouble the first thing they do is regret what they shouldn’t have done! When people in the real world (sorry, Middle Earth is not real) get in trouble they usually say, “oh God, help me!”

But, what happens when they get out of the trouble? They do what Frodo did, again!

For most people, God is a good Person to get you out of trouble. He is there just to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. For them God is some sort of “cosmic bellhop” Who is supposed to rescue them when they need it.

Is this the way God is?

Optimism for Our Future


There was once a mother and a father very concerned about their two children. They were both 7 and one was very pessimistic and the other was very optimistic. To prove the extremity of these two children to their friends, they got a video camera and taped them opening their Christmas presents.

They gave the pessimistic kid a bunch of great toys. Trains, cars etc.; all well-made toys. The boy opened each one, looked at it for a little bit then put it down, saying, “that will break soon.”

They gave the optimistic kid a huge box of manure. The boy opened it with a smile on his face and when he saw the manure he started digging through it with his hands. The parents finally stopped him and asked him what he was doing.

The boy looked up and said, “well, with all this manure there’s gotta be a pony somewhere!”

Turns out, this kid has the right attitude.

Nowadays, many of the Christians I know realize and are fine with Christians changing America back for Christ, but they won’t have much to do with it.

Recently, I sent an article I had written to all my Christian friends. This article asked soul-searching questions. I didn’t get a single response whereas I usually get some responses when they are on topics like theology or science but not when the article asks deep, demanding questions of the readers.

This is what will change America. Asking “soul-searching” questions of people, getting answers and having these people really evaluate what their answer was.

However, people believe that they can’t make a difference, as they are only one person, or a minority. Fortunately, this is not true and need only list one person who changed the world they lived in. Here is how this person changed history and how we ought to do it if we ever hope to change our lives to change America.

This person did God’s work

This person’s sole purpose was to do what God asked

This person developed leaders

Have any guesses who this person may be? I figured you knew!

Anyway, Jesus Christ only did God’s work and that included doing whatever God told Him to do. In John 5:19 it says:

Then answered Jesus and said unto them, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

Christ’s whole mission was to do exactly what God wanted Him to do. Remember in Luke 2:49 it tells of how Jesus, “must be about My Father’s business?” Even at a young age, Jesus knew what His goal and mission was but He didn’t know everything about it, as it says in John 5:19.

When Christ walked this earth, He lived with the Father living through Him (except at the cross where God could not dwell in a sinful body and He had to leave Jesus).

After Christ’s ascension, we are told to let Christ live through us, to do what He wants to do, to let ourselves do nothing but if it is the will of the Son, and thus the will of the Father.

This can’t be done by just doing what Christ says, it needs to be a killing of the self and allowing Christ to live through you and only Him. You not only have to surrender your life to Christ, you have to allow Him to take control of it.

We often think that if we just surrender our life to Christ, we will be saved and go on our merry way, but the world around us is fighting a horrible battle. People are dying and going to Hell and the only way to change the way America is going is to change oneself.

This is how a minority can change America for the better .  . . if we have changed lives and allow Christ to live through our lives as His instrument. Christ is the only One who can change America, but He works through us, if we are willing.

Don’t go around moping about what might happen against you (like the pessimistic kid in our story) and work on what might happen for you (like the optimistic kid). It won’t be pretty, fighting this fight, but are you willing?

Establishing the Right Foundation

Are the people you are leading, establishing the right foundation?

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Most Christians are being raised with the presumption that they are building a godly foundation. However, many of these Christians, while thinking their godly foundation is being developed, are actually building a different foundation off their own desires and wants.

Think about it; when you attend a Christian teaching lesson (like church, small group, etc.) how much of your time there is spent listening and considering what the teacher is thinking? How much time is spent thinking about your own desires? Are you being lead to believe that a godly foundation is being laid but instead your other thoughts are building a completely different foundation?

This is one of Satan’s subtle tactics. He knows that people have a tendency to not pay attention to the important things so he expands on that fact to lay a different foundation.

What kind of foundation is laid then, when the godly one is ignored? Sometimes these new foundations are based off of distracted thoughts; innocent but not focused on the information at hand. Other times, the foundations are based off of sin or immoral ideas. This is why most of the youth in America are not following the Lord Jesus Christ when they leave home.

So, how do we reach America and make sure the right foundations are being laid?

At Reach America, Christian teens are taught how to lead people. But, these teens could still be laying down the wrong foundation so, to counter this, the ministry teaches teens while having them walk with other teens.

These teens are led to walk with other Christians and help each other lay down the right foundation.

This year, Reach America is going to focus on teaching teens how to lead teens by walking with them through Christ. One could summarize this as, “Reach America teaches teens how to run a baton race but, instead of the focus being on passing the baton (or dying and leaving your legacy), they focus on the time when both of the runners are running with each other, because this wins the race!”

The Youth of Today are Ready – Today!

By Jacob Howard, Teen Editor

It has been said that when Martin Luther King Jr. saw the youth gather at his rallies, he knew he had won the fight for civil rights.

Youth are a powerful weapon. But, we are a weapon many people think is to be used in the future. Youth are often called the “future of the world”. Truth is, the youth of today, are ready and excited for – today.

Why should the Christian youth be labeled for the future? If the youth are trained up well, they should be in the battle right now!

Look at the secular youth; those not saved. They are so into the battle against God that almost everything revolves around them. Music, television, movies, etc. Very few forms of media are made today that are not for teens.

Think about the influence the unsaved youth are having on the world. What would change if Christian youth really got out there and starting fighting?

Would forms of media change? In the next few months, some high-budget movies will be coming out with famous actors and such based off Biblical events, for both Noah and Moses. You can guarantee that these movies are going to be geared toward capturing teen’s attention.

What will these movies teach? The producers are saying they stuck with the Biblical accounts, but what will really be taught? I sincerely hope the truth will be shown, but I do not know.

My point is: even Hollywood “based off Biblical events” movies are being geared toward the unsaved youth of today. Where are the Christian youth? Are they in the future, or ready to be deployed today?

If they are deployed today, then forms of media will change. America will change if we take up the fight! Let’s go!