At Reach America we are reaching the next generation of great American Christian leaders. Reach America is a Christian youth leadership program. Our goal is to equip teens to impact their friends, families, communities, states and America for Christ.

Pastor Gary Brown, Founder of Reach America, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Gary and his wife, Cindy, founded RA in 2006 as a youth leadership program. They moved to North Idaho in 2009. The Browns have been pastoring for 35 years. For 20 of those years, Pastor Gary was also an education consultant and an advisor to many in the US Congress, as well as state and local school officials throughout America. (Please go to “Our Team” for more information)

In 2012, the Brown’s daughter, Mindy, moved to Idaho and we launched our “Education Partnership.” Middle and high school students can come to Reach America each morning, Monday-Friday, for optional tutoring. Most of our students are enrolled in an online school. Some are home schooled. The afternoons are filled with leadership development, cultural education, Biblical worldview seminars, electives, and PE. (Please visit the “Education Partnership” page for more information)

We are about to complete the first year of our Education Partnership with an enrollment of 25 students. We are now preparing for year two! In anticipation of an increase in enrollment for the 2013-14 school year, we are multiplying into two separate programs: middle school and high school.

We are also in conversation with Clark Canyon Bible Camp, near Dillon, Montana about expanding our program through their camp. Beginning in the summer of 2014, several of our students will be spending up to three weeks at the camp training Christian students across the northwest in our leadership development process.

We can’t believe the first year of our Education Partnership is nearing completion. This summer we will begin the process of writing the first year of our Christian leadership curriculum and planning for year two.

In the near future, we will be scheduling program and curriculum training events. You may sign up for our blog and updates by emailing Pastor Gary at

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