Gearin’ up for the Last Frontier!

We are excited about our upcoming mission trip to Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Dates are being set, now, for this summer (2017). Pastor Gary is teaming up with Jeff and Rhonda Jones. Jeff was a pastor in Hollis, on the island, for nearly 10 years. The Jones now reside in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

New Mission Training Component

Our board just recently approved adding a Mission Training component to our ministry. While in Alaska, we will be praying about establishing a Mission Point on the island. We hope to adopt the communities on the island on a long term basis. Instead of conducting short-term mission projects, we want to establish a presence there — assisting the churches and ministering to the people.

Also, on this trip,

…we will travel to Coffman Cove (pop. 182) for VBS, prayer for the community and encouragement for Pastor Mike and Julie Ashe, and other island pastors. Then we’re on to Kosciusko Island, Alaska to the community of Edna Bay (pop. 52).  There we will help with construction needs, prayer for the community and encouragement for Pastor Lee and Doris Grief and the Edna Bay church.  

 Dates for the trip will be announced, soon. Thank you for your prayers! For more information on our Alaska Mission Trip and our Mission Training component, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!


The Reach America Strategy:

Developing impact leaders through a C-4™ Community.

In Acts 17:28, the Apostle Paul writes, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” In essence, where our kids “live” and “move,” they “become.” Our youth are attending church for a couple hours, but they are living and moving in a world that no longer recognizes Christ as God. Actually, should we be surprised at what our youth are becoming?

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we are creating a C-4™ Community, A Christ-Centered, Counter-Culture. The biblical foundation for a C-4 Community is Jesus’ ministry with His disciples, Acts 17:28 and Paul’s ministry found in 1 Thessalonians chapters one and two.

A C-4™ Community is a vibrant, growing group of Christian youth and their families on a mission. These Christians love Jesus and have a burning desire to see their family, their friends, their community, their state and America come to Christ. This is important: When people come into our C-4™ Community, we do not become like them, they become like us, then Christ.

The object of a C-4™ Community is to create a Christ-centered culture that is counter to what the American culture has become. We believe we can be more effective reaching people for Christ by bringing people to us, than only trying to reach them where they are living.

Spiritual development happens best in a C-4™ Community. Spiritual growth is all about people and places. Who teens are with and where they are is very important. Jesus built His training strategy on a powerful spiritual principle – Christianity is caught more than taught. Yes, there is an important teaching component to disciple-making, but you catch Christianity the way you catch the flu, you catch it from being around someone who has it!


Youth must live and move in Christ-Centered, Counter-Cultures if we expect them to thrive. The perfect example of a C-4™ community, of course, was Jesus and His disciples.

For three years, the disciples lived and moved with Jesus and they took excursions into the world. They didn’t live and move in the world and visit with Jesus for a couple of hours a week. The disciples walked with Jesus daily and had a front row seat as He taught, performed miracles, and confronted the religious leadership of the day. After a day of watching Jesus, He would sit down with His disciples and hold de-briefings on what they saw and heard that day. Eventually, Jesus sent the disciples out into the world with specific assignments, they would return and report.

After three years of intense training, of living and moving with Jesus, the disciples were ready to launch out on their own – they had become everything Jesus needed them to be. Jesus could now return to the Father.

What was the result? Just read the book of Acts and beyond!

Can we expect to get similar results from our youth that Jesus got with His disciples with our youth attending church activities (worship, youth group, etc…) for just a couple hours a week?

Thanks for dropping by our website. At Reach America, we are creating C-4™ Communities – Christ-Centered, Counter-Cultures, where youth are able to live and move and become everything God made them to be. As you read through the pages of our website you’ll learn how we do this. Read our values, meet our staff, and then drop by and see us – we would love to meet you!

And, by the way, our name reflects our ultimate goal: We believe God can bring America back through us! Do you believe?